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Poll #1053974 Cats or Dogs

which do you like more cats or dogs?


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Beer is good with root beer, but only with root beer. Although, I try not to drink anymore. Best alcoholic beverage by far is Pomegranate Schnapps...and Fire Water. Although a lot of people have problems with Absynthe, I like it...But it's way too strong. No more drinking that...no no no. I would die. Death to Shoonnanigan! So much alcohol since I was 18, so little time. Need more alcohol! No, yes, maybe, I don't know.

I like nerdy guys. Yes, I know, nerdy guys...But nerdy guys are hot! Not the nerdy guys with the pocket protectors and the pants up to their armpits, but the other nerds who listen to techno music, play D&D, and are good at math. Yes, very hot.

I think physical therapists suck. Does anybody else agree with me? I had this one come today, and she's all "You're not getting any better. We have to stop physical therapy." I'm like "First of all, I'm not getting any better because you're only sending a physical therapist once a week. Second, it's not about making me better, it's about keeping me better. And third, I want to strengthen my muscles, not straighten them." And again she's like "You're not getting any better." So i guess they're going to stop physical therapy, which is going to make me worse. Which means I'm going to be in pain all the time. Yay for me!

Starting a club is weird. Oh you people on this site don't know, I'm starting a D&D club at my school. SLCC that is. We aren't even technically a club yet, and I already found a person who wants to join. Yay for me! Seriously though, not sarcastically like up there. Although, it's very hard to find a place to meet. We want to meet Saturdays at 5 PM and the college closes Saturdays at 5 PM. The guy that's supposed to call me back from the library today hasn't. Starting to think he won't.

I need a date! Dear God, I need a date! Nobody wants to date the cute little cripple girl though. But that's ok, I can get over it. Somebody will date me eventually.

Lilly's adorable!She lays on the table, on her side, with her paws in the air, and purrs. I love her. Little kitty, kitty.

Morgan's cute! She was here the other day while we were playing D&D, and she wouldn't stop poking me for like 8 minutes or so. Finally, I started yelling "Someone save me! The baby's attacking me!" And then John poked her and she started poking him. Thank you John!

One last thing about D&D, first time I've ever been a Cleric. I like it. I worship the fire deity, and I'm constantly burning shit (not literal shit, but sometimes). Burn the world to purify the soul!!!

The kitties will take over the world!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cripples often hitch rides on the front of large trucks for quick transportation.Cripples, also known as wheeltards and chairfags, are useless wheelchair people who refuse to die. They have big, cumbersome, ugly wheelchairs that they use to run over your toe and get away with it using the power of sympathy. Contents [hide]
1 Types of Cripples
1.1 Cripple Sports
2 Cripple Mannerisms
3 Cripples And The Internet
4 Fun Things To Do To Cripples
5 See Also

[edit] Types of Cripples
Pseudo-Cripples: These people use crutches, canes, and other devices because they are not yet crippled enough to use a full-blown wheelchair.
Regular Cripples: These are your standard, run-of-the-mill cripples who, for one reason or another, have to get around in a big, stupid chair with wheels on it.
Super Cripples: These are the ultimate cripples. They can't move anything below their neck, so they are stuck in special electronic wheelchairs that use Linux. They are totally dependent and they want to kill unborn babies and eat their stem cells to try and undo the hilarious punishment God has placed upon them.
Bullshit Cripples: These are the arguably the funniest kinds of cripples. They are not disabled, they're just really fucking fat and have given up on even the most basic forms of exercise. Sometimes you may see these horrifyingly obese hambeasts riding electric carts in supermarkets. Be wary of approaching these vehicles too closely, lest one is devoured by the occupant.
Nigger Cripples: These cripples roam the streets of Los Angeles with a pronounced limp from being born with a genetic defect that led to the formation of club feet. "Crips" -as they are known- have a keen sense of direction and are generally friendly towards white people in luxury cars looking for directions.
Hardcore Cripples: This kind of cripple actually enjoys the handicap of being legless. Often referring to themselves as "handycapable" they frequently fly off the handle when talked down to (although stooping to their level and kneeling infuriates them even more) and will try and run you over. This cripple is serious fucking business and should be handled with kid gloves.

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How many bananas can a monkey eat in one month? Someone answer this question! Thank you!

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So I've been so bizzy with school. Me and Seth are starting a D&D Club at SLCC so check it out! I can't wait!
I am so sick today plus we have no nurse and dads sick too.
Last week we cat sat for Byron. Man his cats are mean to ether cats! Janet's cat couldn't even come inside. It was bad. Lily's been sleeping in my room since they left wensday. She's so pretty, I love her.
When Byron came to get the cats he brot the babies. There so cute! Tubby told me good night. He's talking so well!

The cats will take over the world!

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So we had to get rid of a nurse.  But, a new one traned last night.  She seams nice.

I'm starting school Wensday, I'm exicted!  I'm taking math1020 and comm 1610...cool.

I think I mite have broke my tail bone.  If it still hurts in a few days I'll go see the Dr.

Does anyone know when the SHE WANTS REVENGE concert is?  If so please tell!
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I am stupid. That's just a fact--has nothing to do with anything today, but I just wanted to state a fact. I love Spongebob, he's all spongey. And he wears little hats. Don't know why I said that--probably because I'm looking at my friend's Spongebob pjs. Do you know who else is cool? Gir from Invader Zim--bestest cartoon character ever! So, today I woke up later than I was going to, but that's cool, sleep is nice.  I played with Kara's puppy--you know, the one I own 1/4 of?!  She's flip-floppin adorable! I'm not sure what that means, but that's what she is. Anyway, then Mary came over--Kara's mom person. She took the puppy to the vet, and Kara and I went to the crappy thrift store, and gave away this odd present my aunt got me. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty and everything, but what am I going to do with three glass balls on a plate?! It doesn't work.So, after that, we went to another thrift store, this one was extremely crappy, don't get me wrong, DI's ok, but this one was crappy and smelled bad :(. Kara and I were looking fr books for my niece and nephew, and out of nowhere comes this lady who, for no apparent reason, asked me if I was in pain. Duh! I'm in pain! Look at my spine! But, of course, I didn't say that, but I wanted to. Then she tried to sell me vitamins--vitamins are going to make my spine straight apparently--awesome!!!! And then she tried to sell things to Kara. Thankfully she didn't stab her in the eye, if I could have I would. So then we went to the OTHER crappy thrift store. I got my niece a Pocahontas sleeping bg and my nephew a soft counting book. I think they'll like them. Then I played with my snakey. He's such a nice friendly snake, his name's Houdinni. Anyway, that's what I did today. Nothing too extravagant.

The kitties shall take over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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